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Entrepreneurial Web Developer and Founder, currently in Chiang Mai


Originally from London, UK, I have lived in the South of France, Barcelona, Berlin, Malta, Phuket and currently Chiang Mai.

While in Berlin I founded which at one point reached over 150 employees, $1 mil monthly revenue and eventually merged with Since then I helped found GoHiring, another company in the online hiring space. Now I founded a new company which uses a custom algorithm built in Rust to create vegan meal plans for people. When I'm not working on that, I'm hacking on open source, doing contract jobs through my company ITCO LIMITED, learning new things and totally failing at blogging regularly.

I'm proficient in Java, PHP, Ruby, Elixir, Rust, Solidity and Javascript (Ruby and Javascript preferred). I also have some knowledge of C, Python, Scala and Go. I'm fairly active in open source. You can check out my code on GitHub.

For a more detailed work history my LinkedIn profile has all the information you need. You can also download a hard copy of my resume here.

I'm always interested in helping early stage startups get their product to launch and build a great development team, so if you need some help there, please give me a shout.. I'm also extremely interested in distributed, self managed teams, using real time commuication tools and reporting.


Esher College - London

English Language, Mathematics and Economics

London Metropolitan University

Bachelor of Computer Science and Mathematics (unfinished)



Junior Developer / Beckenham, Kent / 2003 - 2005

Front end development, converted mock ups to table based HTML ;). Converted website from HTML and server side includes to PHP. Wrote a content management system in Java for advertising team to publish adverts to the live site. Set up source code management (Microsoft Visual SourceSafe - terrible idea). Wrote a backup solution in Java. Various small programming tasks.

Developer / Victoria, London / 2005 - 2007

PHP, mySQL, linux web development. Collating and aggregating data to be displayed to users on website. Also, internally, ruby on rails coding to automate various data import tasks.

Shooting People Films

Freelance Developer / Old Street, London / 2007 - 2008

Building a new social networking site for individual filmakers using the Symfony PHP framework.


Freelance Developer / Windsor, London / 2008 - 2008

A short term contract where I helped out with the latest Williams Formula 1 racing site. All work was done using Ruby on Rails.

CTO / Barcelona, Spain / 2008 - 2009

CareerMee was a startup in the HR sector focused on MBA alumni reversing the recruiting process. MBA alumni could create a profile, and companies could pay to contact them. I took the company from initial idea phase through to release. Unfortunately the product failed to gain any real market traction. The project was entirely written using Ruby on Rails backed by PostgreSQL with Memached and Redis.


Founder / CTO / Berlin, Germany / 2009 - 2013

A full service job advertisement media agency. 1000jobboersen was the first company in Germany offering truly personalized job board recommendations for employers posting job advertisements. The company spawned a number of copycats. At one point we were over 150 employees, and the company is still doing well long after I left. I wrote the initial version of the site, and built up a development and product management team. Technologies used: Ruby, Rails, MongoDB, Postgresql, Rackspace, Heroku, Redis, Memcached, Amazon S3.


CTO / Berlin, Germany / 2013 - 2015

GoHiring is a fully automated, cloud based applicant management system. Features include automatic job posting, applicant hiring/emailing/rejecting and customizable career site. It's built to be scalable from the start. The backend is a collection of micro APIs and the front end is writting entirely in javascript (using EmberJS). GoHiring is still a very young startup but seems very promising so far.

Founder / Remote / 2014 - current is a SaaS meal planning business. Users signup and provide information about their height, weight, sex, etc and the app generates them weekly meal plans tailored to their exact calorie requirements. It also creates grocery lists, nutritional breakdowns and online grocery delivery. The main API is written in Ruby using GraphQL. The new web frontend close to launch is written in Rescript and there are iOS/Android apps just around the corner which are written in Flutter.


Books I'm working on

EmberJS + Rails (in progress)

EmberJS + Rails

Creating ambitious web and mobile applications with EmberJS and Ruby on Rails

Open Source

My open source projects. I don't have so many right now. Generally I prefer contributing to other peoples projects.

Heroku Feature Deployments

A simple way to automate the deployment of feature branches to heroku for testing. It creates a heroku app, configures the environment variables, adds collaborators, adds addons, adds a DNS CNAME (in DNSimple), initializes the database, migrates the database, seeds the database with sample data, adds a comment the the relevant ticket in Pivotal Tracker and creates a pull request in GitHub. Blog post here.


If you would my help on something, pitch me your idea here. Technically I'm most interested in Service Oriented Architectures with Javascript MVC front ends, and HTML5 iPhone/Android apps. Organizationally I'm especially interested in helping early stage startups to get their product to market and working in or building great remote dev teams. I work remotely. I may considering relocating based on the project/location but it would need to be mind blowing :)

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